Let's get awesome-er (together).

Here's the deal. In my life, I've noticed my closest friends and best business partners all share a similar set of characteristics:

  • We're super smart, high-achiever types
  • We're super introspective (maybe we get in our heads a bit too much sometimes)
  • We care A LOT about people
  • We have this small, constant voice inside our head telling us we're not living up to our potential - that we can be doing MORE (what the heck is with that?)
  • We're either running a small business, trying to start a side hustle (be it creative or otherwise), or trying to figure out a more meaningful career. We're just not satisfied with the Standard Issue 9-5 Grind - we can't be a cog in a machine.
If that's you, welcome to the Quietly Ambitious. I'm starting this bi-weekly newsletter for two reasons:
  1. To document my own journey to becoming more awesome personally and professionally.
  2. To get us Quietly Ambitious types talking and sharing ideas with each other. I want to hear about YOUR journey and YOUR struggles.
I feel like I have the same conversations with my fellow QAs whether they're in New York, Portland, or Gainesville. So here's what you're gonna get every two weeks from me:
  • Stuff I'm working on right now personally and professionally
  • Lessons I'm currently learning
  • What books/music/podcasts/videos I'm currently digging (the fun stuff too, not just the stuffy business stuff)
  • Probably a lot of stupid cat puns and GIFs (I'm not even kitten)
Sound good? Sign up below. Sounds awful? No problem, we can still be friends.

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