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It's awesome to have a chance to get to know you.

The first thing you need to know is that although this is in the form of a signup we have nothing to sell you or promote so don't worry we're not going to send you an email other than to welcome you to consider joining the AFM Alive team. We get calls everyday looking for all kinds of production people around the world and these are all high paying jobs, if we can match your experience. We've had tours call us at 3pm to staff and had them on a private touring jet by 6pm for some of the biggest acts on the planet (so always make sure you have a valid passport). When we get something, with your permission we'll simply shoot you an email to check your availability. The only time you'll get an email from us is if we have something to offer you. Obviously we've made it easy for you to get rid of us as well. We hope that never happens, just unsubscribe.

I can assure you that we read through each and every application and NO we don't ever discard applications. Just to prove it. We spend thousands of dollars looking for employees so why on earth would we do anything to lose your valuable resume? We tried to keep this form as concise as possible but we know that you probably also have a resume prepared so it would be awesome if you could send that as well: employment@afmalive.com

Oh and when you're filling this form out please be honest. We can easily smell BS and there's no need because honestly we have as much enthusiasm for people starting out as highly experienced talent. Sometimes our clients want lower cost labor and are willing to get less experience in return.

I want you to know that we are absolutely committed to providing the best sound, lighting, stage and effects productions ever. We always over deliver and our audience never forgets an AFM Alive show. Secret word is "tomato". Think like that when you walk in for your interview with us my friend. Tell us that you want to be part of the greatest event production team ever, that you want to never stop learning and that you want to look forward to each day with www.afmalive.com

Percy von Lipinski
President and CEO
AFM Alive Ltd.
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