Joss Burnel, Author
Hola amigos,
Welcome to My Writer's World here in Ecuador. I could say I'm the only French and English speaking writer in this Andean city in Ecuador, but it wouldn't be true.The fact that I've been writing since I was a young teenager is true. And now I'm doing it, writing that is while learning Spanish, in the land of eternal spring. Someone told me this is where the real fountain of youth is, but I've been drinking the water and well, I'm not twelve again.
I write poetry, and I wrote a book about how I survived Fibromyalgia, and now I'm writing novels. Novels about the authentic lives of women. Call it chick lit, feel good stories about women triumphing over their lives. Women who refuse to accept what others want to dish out to them. Special women, with special talents. Women who can believe big.
I'm a bit of a rebel with a book of poetry entitled If God Was A Woman.
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