i diari della lambretta crew

hi ♥ 
I love to have a blog, and i diari della lambretta has been a cozy place that I feel comfortable in (and inspired by) for quite some time now. 
anyway, I feel that I need some other tool to communicate with you. my plan is not to stop updating i diari della lambretta, but to improve my relationships with you. 
the first step is the creation of this newsletter. if you have been reading i diari della lambretta, if you like my travel style, or the lambretta/vintage wheels world, or my illustrations, I'd love if you sign in. 

I'm planning to share with you:
* some cute illustrations, mostly mine but not always, mostly travel-related but not always
* the latest blog posts from i diari della lambretta
* new products or news from my e-shop
* stuff that I think you may find interesting 
* pics and informations about nice places I've been to 

on my honour, I promise that I will not spam you. I'll be moderate and, I truly hope, interesting. 
I've always been a BAD pen pal, but I've always love the idea of being one. maybe this time I will improve myself.

please, do not forget to indicate the language you prefer and your favorite theme(s)

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